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Christoph Haller

Intrare de la 8. Mai 2008    Citeşte tot blogul!  

Letter from the Mediterranean – Bad Beat on the High Seas

Complaining is usually strictly forbidden, but such an inconceivable series of bad beats even brings me a little out of composure. The receptionists here on the boat hate me. The London taxi drivers cheat me (as always). My Ukrainian girlfriend didn't get a visa and the youngest single woman among the passengers has dyed, pale-purple hair and is pushing 60. Things are only going flawlessly with poker. But who's interested in that?

Vienna – London – Vienna – Lake Wörtersee – Venice. All that in barely 75 hours. First, jetted off to the Party Poker European Open IV. After all, I had a record to defend there. My fourth attendance, six table shootout and me, with the sum of my .... Citeşte tot blogul!

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Intrare de la 17. Aprilie 2008    Citeşte tot blogul!  

Letter from Monte Carlo – Problems with the ....

Always trouble with personnel. Especially finding a good chauffer is not an easy thing. Either he sleeps with the nanny or secretly sells compromising pictures ....

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Intrare de la 4. Decembrie 2007    

Letter from Mexico - - - The Cleaning Lady ....

It's the cleaning lady's fault! Or to be more precise, the agent that pretends she doesn't understand me and disguises herself as a cleaning ....

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Intrare de la 8. Octombrie 2007    

Letter from Aruba

Aruba. A comfortable 30 degrees (85°F) in the shade. My flight is in two hours. Time to take stock of my Caribbean adventure. It was, at any rate, a ....

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